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Insight acquires 40% stake in BA Adjusters
Tuesday, 1 November 2005
Insight Press Release

Insight Adjusters has said that it will acquire a 40% stake in BA Adjusters Inc, one of the largest international firms of loss adjusters in the Philippines. This latest move will expand Insight' Asian network which presently has offices in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Pan-Asian Loss Adjuster
Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed yet as the deal is still subject to Philippine regulatory approval, but Mr Nehemiah Neo Lian Sun, Managing Director of the Insight Group, said: "We are delighted with this acquisition as it is in line with our objective of creating a truly pan-Asian loss adjuster with equal strengths in the marine and non-marine lines based on our criteria of professionalism, independence and integrity. The acquisition will help our group serve our global clients better."

Adding that BA Adjusters fits Insight' goal perfectly with the sharing of values of integrity and professionalism, Mr Neo also noted that BA is one of the largest loss adjusters in the Philippines with more than 30 qualified adjusters and marine surveyors representing various adjusting disciplines and all known in their respective lines of expertise. With offices in Makati City in Manila as well as in the central southern cities of Cebu and Davao, the company is particularly strong on corporate accounts including several large Philippine-based multi-national corporations.

Following the completion of the acquisition and approval from the regulator, the company is seeking to change its name to BA Insight International Inc. BA Adjusters Inc CEO, Mrs Beatrice Arzadon said: "We are linking with Insight because of its reputation as the leading independent Asian adjuster. We were attracted by their extensive network across the region and globally. With Insight' support, we will be able to service our multi-national clients better."

Assisting Around The World
Insight, which is also a Lloyd' agent, a CESAM agent, and a AIMU agent, has been recruited to help in many calamities around the world. Mr Neo said that he had teams of six people sent to New Orleans on a rotation basis to help its strategic partner in the US, vrs universe, assess and assist the situation following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. They are also helping with the largest single commercial claim in Aceh, Indonesia, from the Indian Ocean Tsunami and they have people in China and other areas around the world, helping and working in numerous major projects. In Singapore, they are involved in the collapsed Nichol Highway project.

Asian Adjusters For Asia
"Large claims are difficult to resolve. You need to understand the people behind the events, the sensitivities, the culture and expectations. That is why we are so keen to create and build a pool of highly qualified, fully competent adjusters who are capable of providing world class service from Asia for Asia," Mr Neo said.