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China Sichuan earthquake
Tuesday, 10 June 2008
Insight Press Release

To date, the death toll of the China Sichuan earthquake lies at 69,146 people. 374,072 people have been reported injured and another 17, 516 people still remain missing. The earthquake made 4.5million people homeless, larger than the population of Missouri, and affected another 40million, a number larger than the population of Texas.


The government disaster relief fund reached 23.46b yuan (about 3.35b USD), including 18.91b yuan from the central budget and 4.55b yuan from the local budget. More donations are being received from well wishers, both local and overseas.


A total of 11,380 aftershocks have been detected in the quake areas since May 12.


As of 9th June 2008, relief workers have built 68,100 temporary houses and another 23,400 are being installed. The material for another 91,200 makeshift houses has arrived in other affected areas. Some cities have been damaged to an extent that it cannot be re-built. The local authorities must be commended for their swift action in providing temporary shelter and food for victims of the earthquake.

As of Tuesday noon, 10th June 2008, 5,994 water plants and 40,058km of water supply pipelines have been repaired.

The risk of massive flooding from quake lakes cannot be discounted, as it is still uncertain at this stage whether the diversion channels will successfully hold back the waters. Hundreds of damaged dams have been almost fully repaired. The rainy season has started which might lead to flooding issues even at areas not affected by the quake.

Earthquake is a standard exclusion in most property policies. However, for those that have been extended to cover earthquake, claims have been settled promptly as encouraged by the authorities to alleviate the suffering of the insured. Most of the major damage to property and foreign businesses are more complicated as it involves both property damage and business interruption losses.

The government is giving priority to eliminate spread of diseases by regular disinfections. There have been no reports of any major outbreak of diseases.








Adjusters from our Chinese offices are currently involved in several claims at or near the epicentre of the earthquake.




If you need assistance on claims or surveys relating to the earthquake, please let us know.


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